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About St. Louis Wood Floor

St. Louis Wood Floor is the first and only company in St. Louis to reclaim, warehouse, and resell our reclaimed wood flooring to customers, rehabbers, and to other wood floor contractors in St. Louis and beyond. Today we own and operate two large warehouses to better serve our customers.

If you're like us, you take great pride in your home. It's not only where we live but often serves as a reflection of our personal style and taste. So when it's time for a new floor installation, it's important to choose a material that will both reflect our individual sense of style and hold up well over time. In our opinion, there's no better option than wood floors from St Louis Wood Floor Installations!

Not only do our floors look beautiful and add character to any room - they're also incredibly durable and easy to care for! Plus, with so many different styles and colors in stock, it's easy to find the perfect flooring to match your unique personality and decorating style.

We love St. Louis and feel proud to know we have some of the finest architecture anywhere in the country! We are happy to do our small part to preserve the beauty of our historic St. Louis homes and commercial buildings. Why not let us assess your flooring needs today – you won't be disappointed!

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