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Bruno Stair Lifts

Bruno Stair Lifts are produced by North America's leading manufacturer of chair lifts for stairs and claim to be the finest battery powered lifts on the market. They also boast that they are the only stairlifts that are ISO-9001 Certified, which is one of the most stringent quality standards in the world. Bruno produce a complete line of residential and commercial stairway lifts and are the only manufacturer to make an outdoor stair lift with a 400lb weight-load capacity.

Solve your home accessibility problems with a Bruno Stair Lift

We know the story.  You really love your home but that staircase is proving to be a hindrance in your twilight years.  Or maybe you are not retirement age yet, but an accident has left your mobility impaired and you've taken up residence in the downstairs bedroom for who knows how long.  Well, don't put your house on the market just yet.  A Bruno stair lift can give you back access to all areas of your home without doing any structural renovations and it won't break the bank either.

Bruno offer a truly stylish range of stair lifts in either straight, curved or outdoor models. 

Bruno Straight Rail Stairlift

Straight stair lifts are the cheapest and easiest stair lift to install.  Bruno offer 4 distinct models in what they call the Electra-Ride Straight Rail Stairlift line.  There are three indoor models and one outdoor straight stairlift.

1. The Bruno Electra-Ride LT Straight Rail Stairlift is Bruno's base model for the budget conscious. It's features include:

  • 275lb weight capacity.
  • Direct drive motor.
  • Two 12 volt batteries that are continually charging for use even during power outage.
  • Arms, seat and footrest that that can be flipped up when not in use.
  • Generous seat with adjustable heights.
  • Covered track that looks more attractive than competitors.
  • Swivel seat for easy and safe exit.
  • Optional flip up folding rail bottom section if a doorway is otherwise obstructed.

2. The Bruno SRE-1550 Electra-Ride ll is the next model up in the Electra-Ride range. It has all the standard features plus a few extras:

  • 350lb weight capacity.
  • Swing away arms for easy transfer to and from a wheelchair.
  • Adjustable width arm rests and multiple seat heights.
  • Optional larger seat available.
  • Optional extended footrest.

3. The Bruno Electra-Ride Elite (Model SRE-2010) is the top of the range straight rail indoor stairlift. It is ultra compact in design and performance and looks very sophisticated. Extra features include:

  • 400lb weight capacity.
  • Ultra stability through improved rail design.
  • Visual diagnostics to provide instant unit status.
  • Seven different upholstery selections.
  • Optional power swivel seat.
  • Optional power folding footrest.
  • Optional mid park and charge station for staircases that have a landing between top and bottom.
  • Optional larger footrest and seat.
  • Optional manual or power folding rails.

Bruno Stairlift Pricing

The cost of a Bruno Stair Lift will depend on the shape and length of your stairs. You should check with Bruno Independent Living Aids via their website to find a local dealer in your area who can arrange a home visit.

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