Reclaimed Flooring Products 

Reclaimed Flooring Products

We proudly offer the following types of flooring in many different ages,
species, dimensional sizes and conditions:

Plain Sawn White
Pine Flooring

Weathered Barn

Plain Sawn Yellow
Pine flooring 

  • reclaimed wood flooring
  • antique wood flooring
  • reclaimed pine flooring
  • yellow pine flooring
  • antique yellow pine flooring
  • heart pine flooring
  • antique heart pine flooring
  • antique white pine plank flooring
  • reclaimed white pine flooring
  • old plank flooring
  • reclaimed plank flooring
  • reclaimed pine plank flooring
  • old yellow pine flooring
  • reclaimed yellow pine floor joists
  • antique yellow pine floor joists
  • yellow pine floor joists
  • reclaimed barn siding
  • antique barn siding
  • barn lumber
  • barn wood
  • douglas fir
  • reclaimed douglas fir
  • quartersawn douglas fir
  • douglas fir flooring
  • douglas fir lumber
  • antique douglas fir
  • old growth lumber
  • douglas fir plank flooring
  • douglas fir porch flooring
  • barn sidingType text here

If you need to find a match to your flooring please email pictures to along with your contact information.