Wood Floor Repair

Wood Flooring Company
In St Louis, Mo 

If you are looking for a superior quality wood floor contractor in St. Louis, MO, please give Abeln Floor Systems a closer look. Abeln Floor Systems has been dedicated to providing beautiful hardwood floors to St. Louis home owners for 32 years. As the owner of a beautiful historic home in Maplewood, MO Jim Abeln has always been sensitive to the requirements of historic home renovations. We offer an exclusive "Age-Matched" guarantee for flooring repairs often needed in older or historic homes. This guarantee will ensure that the character and integrity of your historic home can be preserved for generations to come. Our highly skilled craftsmen are very patient and process-oriented in all phases of historic wood repair. 

When you contact us, we can discuss the available flooring options and provide you with a free estimate. We pride ourselves in offering new or reclaimed wood flooring to fit our customer’s specific needs. Our highly skilled and experienced craftsmen use only the finest tools and equipment to accomplish all repair work. Our mission when we embark upon any repair is to leave the floor looking as if it were untouched and original. Please call us today to get an estimate on your project. Our business is open Monday - Friday, 8am - 5pm.

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