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I have had Jim Abeln do work for me twice in the past 6 years. The first was when I moved into my 80+ year old home in South St. Louis City. Jim and his workers pulled up layers of linoleum and subflooring and replaced several of the oak boards that were beyond repair. They brought my oak floors back to beautiful. Because of the lovely work Jim did 6 years ago, I asked him for his help again when I was redoing my 2nd floor. Jim was able to give me excellent advice on installing new oak flooring rather than redoing the pine subfloor that was underneath the linoleum. I’m so glad I took his advice. Please see the before and after pictures. The work was done in less than a week and totally transformed my space. His foreman, Ricardo and the crew are amazing, I actually had to ask them to go home because they just wanted to keep working, they had been working for over 9 hours! I feel that Jim’s work speaks for itself and recommend him to anyone looking to have their wood floors refinished or to have new wood floors installed. Jim is a fine craftsman and I feel fortunate to have found him. If I ever need any more wood flooring work done, he is the man I’ll call.

K. McGrath

The first thing you should know about Jim is that he truly cares about the end result and wants each customer to be completely happy about the floor. He is a floor restoration specialist, vs. a floor re-finisher or just a "new floor installer and let's go" kind of guy.

We had him restore the floors in our 1897 house. The floors were in really bad shape, but were quarter sawn white oak and we wanted to keep them. Jim told us that he had some reclaimed quarter sawn white oak flooring from the same time period that would be great for replacement to match our existing floors. We were excited that we would keep the floor as original as possible. During the bid process we went around and identified areas that would need some substantial repair (fewer than two radiators, a cutout for a servant buzzer and some wood near the front door that was previously patched with wood that did not match). We found some more bad spots around our curved windows in the front where they were just a wee too short (the original boards) and Jim told us we would probably need to replace them. 

Well, finally the floors are all sanded and stained and we came to a price agreement for the additional wood that was used for repairs. They look great! Would I use Abeln Floor Systems again? Positively yes! Jim cares so much about customer satisfaction! I’ve been in some homes that are the same era as ours and have not seen any yet that I thought were prettier than ours!

Clifton Harmon

Our family is happy to have used Abeln Floor Systems “AFS”. We were renovating our grandparents' home in South St. Louis and wanted to showcase the original 81 year old red oak flooring. We interviewed several local companies, and AFS seemed the most knowledgeable about our flooring and offered a reasonable price. The crew was able to start even earlier than expected, and was very professional throughout the process. AFS had to contend with more than 8 decades of wear and pet stains on our floors. When patching was required, they used original salvaged oak flooring, so that the look remained authentic. We discovered that the company makes a habit of salvaging flooring from around the area so that they may offer this option for customers. Afterwards, the owner, Jim Abeln, made sure that we knew how to properly care for our floors in the long term, so as to reduce the cost of upkeep for future owners. Now, I will say our newly refinished hardwood floors are one of the best features of the home. The wear and pet stains that were previously an eyesore completely disappeared after AFS stained and refinished them. I highly recommend Abeln to other St. Louis homeowners for either installation or refinishing.

Kristin Fehr

Jim Abeln of Abeln Floor Systems is by far the best service provider I have encountered in more than 35 years of home ownership. Recently I purchased a 100 year old home in which carpeting had been removed to reveal unfinished hardwood floors. He was immediately responsive when I called to schedule an appointment for the estimate. When he arrived, he was thoroughly knowledgeable about the type of wood I had and made excellent suggestions about what was needed to bring them back to life. At his suggestion, I did not stain them but left them natural, and he was spot on when he said their natural beauty would shine when refinished. They were red oak and had a couple of places where it was necessary for him to install reclaimed red oak wood to match the original. I was astonished at how perfectly he was able to accomplish an exact match. They are gorgeous. There was quite a bit of cutting in reclaimed flooring around the several radiators in the home, which his crew accomplished flawlessly. They were intelligent and friendly and did their best minimize the inconvenience associated with the multi-day process necessary to complete the project. Jim is also very knowledgeable about architecture, particularly older buildings such as mine. Because of this knowledge, he was able to surmise that there were two beautiful features in the living room and dining room where previous owners had removed fireplaces but left their stunning Arts and Crafts style hearths behind. He assisted me in uncovering them and they now stand as a lovely testament to the home’s character. He did the work to the highest level of quality, on time and on budget. You need look no further if you want your floors to be beautifully refinished at a reasonable price by one of the most genuinely personable contractors I have ever encountered.

Frances Donner

Abeln Floor Systems refinished the oak floors in my living room, hallway, and two bedrooms. They plugged small holes that would be covered by quarter round, and replaced damaged boards that are exposed. The floors were sanded, then four coats of polyurethane were applied. They masked the entryway to the kitchen to prevent dust from entering the rest of the house.

Jim Abeln and his crew did a great job from beginning to end. I interviewed four other contractors, and felt most comfortable with Abeln Floor Systems. Jim spent more time discussing the process, and he checked on the progress every day. The crew arrived early each day and was ready for work. They masked the entryway to the kitchen to alleviate dust from entering the rest of the house, and then their equipment rolled into action. The sanding was completed before I knew it, and the crew leader invited me to inspect their work. 

The bare floors revealed a couple of spots that were unknown to me. Jim suggested remedies, and the initial phase was promptly completed. I appreciated Jim's observations. It was apparent that he paid attention to details. Although my project was relatively small, Abeln Floor Systems treated me as if I were their number one customer. The application of the four coats of polyurethane was applied over the next four days. Each time the crew leader announced his arrival and departure. Jim followed up with daily inspections, and an approximate start time for the following day's work.

It's been a week since Jim's crew left my house. I've walked the floors in stocking feet, and have marveled at the quality of their work. While the rooms are empty, I'm going to refinish some other woodwork and touch up some paint on the walls before moving back the furniture and wall coverings. I've wanted to do that for a long time. My refinished oak flooring project provided by Abeln Floor Systems has given this old house a great, new look!

I cannot recommend this company enough! Being a first-time homeowner, I was very nervous about choosing the right company for my first big project. I got close to 5 different bids, and although Abeln was not the cheapest, I was very impressed by Jim's knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to take the time and explain things. He is very passionate about his work and took me through my entire house, pointing out every different type of wood and giving me advice on other things here and there.

Paul Bartelt

Cannot recommend this company enough! Being a first-time homeowner, I was very nervous about choosing the right company for my first big project. I got close to 5 different bids, and although Abeln was not the cheapest, I was very impressed by Jim's knowledge, enthusiasm, and willingness to take the time and explain things. He is very passionate about his work and took me through my entire house, pointing out every different type of wood and giving me advice on other things here and there.

I knew that my floors were in pretty bad shape, as the previous homeowners had sanded the floors against the grain leaving deep grooves and a horrible stain job. Jim let me know that they would do their absolute best to get those out and make them look new again but that some areas might still show through. When the job was finished, there was almost NO TRACE of the last horrible floor job. The floors looked brand new again. All in all, I am confident in referring anyone to Abeln flooring. His crew, Ricardo and Robson, work harder than anyone I've ever seen to get the job done on time and done well. Some nights, they stayed until close to 7-8:00 pm working!! They covered a lot of square footage in an unbelievable small amount of time and the craftsmanship was still there. When it came time to choose the stain color, they showed us swatches, I chose my favorite ones, and they applied them on the floor with a coat of the poly so that I could see how they looked on my wood.

I am glad that they offered to do this because the poly adds a hint of yellow to the stain once it's applied, and I simply would not have ended up with the same color had I just chosen off the swatch. This way, I was able to see its true color and make the best decision. They even offered to mix colors if I wanted. Along the way, there were a couple bumps in the road but I am only mentioning them because Jim showed that he will do anything to make it right.

We had originally planned to have the stair risers done in addition to the treads however, after finding led paint underneath the existing stain, we had to come up with a plan B because they could not handle led removal. Jim offered a couple of options...painting them or hiring a led removal professional and gave me referrals. In the end we just decided to leave them and Jim took them off of the overall price.

The only other thing we ran into was an unusual line that showed up only in certain lighting after the whole job was finished. Jim came over to my house to check it out within minutes after calling him and bringing it to his attention. He was surprised to see it as it had not been visible when he last inspected the floors. It turns out that there must have been a heavy piece of furniture (such as a piano) dragged along the floor at some point in time that compressed the wood grain so much that it was not sanded out.

Jim offered to start from square one and re-sand the entire room however he was concerned with how the re-done part would blend in with the other part. All in all, we decided it wasn't worth the trouble and the risk because it was hardly noticeable and the floors just looked amazing. The fact that he was attentive and willing to do whatever would have made us happy was good enough for us :)

I told Jim "Thank gosh your company name starts with an A" because I found out about his company when I searched the Better Business Bureau and he was first on the list. What a great find!!! As I said before, Abeln was not my cheapest bid however he was able to work with my budget and in the end; I would pay it all over again for the quality of their work.

Lauren Watkins

It has been a childhood dream of mine to own and operate a dance studio and over the past 6 years this has become a wonderful reality. I started in a church basement, and then moved to a very small location in Saint Louis, MO where I have been able to grow my business and do what I really love. The surroundings weren't perfect but it served a great purpose as I grew my student base. I had out grown my little studio so the opportunity came up to move to a triple-the-size location this winter. For years I had dreamed about my perfect studio with the perfect floor, and Abeln Flooring Systems made all my dreams a reality! Its really impossible to name everything Jim Abeln and his workers do well but I will try in this space provided.

- Jim was so willing to introduce this clueless girl into the wonderful world of wood and all the options that were available. I had talked briefly to other "floor guys" and was totally freaked out because I had no idea what they were talking about and they didn't ever stop to explain. I really appreciated him breaking down the options in layman terms so I could make appropriate decisions. I know I asked tons of stupid questions but I never once felt like anything I was asking was out of the ordinary.

-Jim's help at the flooring warehouse was invaluable. He was so willing to meet me there to talk through options even while his schedule was busy and hectic. He spent a long time with me as I thought and pondered what would be best for me and my business. He took price, type of wood, and installation costs into account and in the end came up with the perfect solution.

- After picking the best product Jim and his guys installed the floor in less than a weeks’ time starting the day after Christmas! Other workers on the job site accidentally left the heating system on during the finishing process so some small dust particles were airborne overnight and landed in the finish. He could have blamed other people or left it alone but instead he re-sanded (by hand!) the entire 820sq feet to make sure it was a quality product. I couldn't even really see what he wanted to correct but his highly trained eye and experience picked out the small imperfections. Jim Abeln has very high standards and will only deliver the best. I am beyond thrilled with the result and am so excited to be teaching and dancing on this beautiful floor.

Lindi M

I could go on and on about Jim's quality service he provides but above all Jim is a man of integrity and honesty. He will help you make the right decision for your home or business and do what is best for your situation without being pushy or forward. If there is a problem he will tell you about it. If there is a mistake, he will fix it. Working with Jim Abeln flooring is a joy! You can immediately tell he is "into" wood and before you know it you are drug right along into the enthusiasm. It is rare combination to not only get a gorgeous floor for your space, but to work with a man who loves his profession and will try his very hardest to make the customer happy. I can't wait to have an opportunity to use Abeln Flooring Systems again!

- Tore out the carpet in our dining room and stairs, tore out the linoleum in our hallway. Sanded and refinished the wooden floors underneath in the dining room, on the stairs, and in the hallway. Matched worn wooden boards with beautiful old wooden boards that they had in storage. Built custom transition wooden pieces between the rooms. Installed quarter round. We now have beautiful pine stairs, a white oak dining room that has been stained a dark ebony, and a maple hallway.

- We had such an amazing experience with our floors. We have a 108 year old home, and we were not sure if the wooden floors underneath our carpet were even salvageable. The floors had been totally painted white, and we thought that we might have to start from scratch and buy new floors. Thankfully we found Jim! 

- From the initial call to the finished product, it only took two weeks. During the initial visit, Jim spent over an hour explaining our options and coming up with ideas. We had not even thought about looking at the hallway until Jim went to our basement and informed us that we had wood under the linoleum. Jim is very passionate about flooring, and it shows. He showed us that we actually had pine floors underneath the white oak floors in the dining room. He was very good about talking to us about our options and not sugar coating anything. He explained to us the pros and cons of going down to the pine or keeping the white oak. When he discovered that we had maple floors in our hallway (that were placed around 1920), he even had a supply of old maple flooring that would match for the boards that were worn!

- He and his crew were always on time and very professional. Whenever we had a question, Jim would always answer it. He would also call during each step to let us know what was happening and see if we had any questions. He was very good at explaining things and never made us feel stupid.
- We are definitely going to use him when we get ready to tear up the linoleum from our kitchen to reveal more of the gorgeous maple floors!

Kristin S

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